Friday, April 14, 2017

Rio photos

​1.  Another view from the top of Sugar Loaf.
2.  Over looking the harbor
3.  There is a pyramid style church in the center.  Notice the cross between the two buildings behind the church.
4.  Maracana soccer stadium.  One of the largest in the world.  It seats around 200,000 people!

1.  Christ the Redeemer statue.  It is pretty impressive.
2.  mesmo
3.  Our group at the statue
4.  Looking at Sugar Loaf from the statue
5.  The cute restaurant where we had lunch
6.  Trolley across from the restaurant.  Notice the painted wall behind it.  You see this all over.  It is a lot nicer graffiti than the black symbols.

1.  the favela (slum) behind our hotel 
2.  a former grand hotel in Petropolis.  Now it is apartments but it still has a working bowling alley in the basement and a rollerskating rink inside.  They still use the large rooms for special events.  It has a swimming pool inside in the shape of a grand piano (it is not used now)
3.  There are lots of chocolate shops in Brazil but none have as good a chocolate as Florence's!
4.  Inside of a Gothic style cathedral.  It was very beautiful.
5.  Copacabana beach from a fort separating Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches.
6.  Walking along Ipanema Beach.

1.  Tiled staircase joining two neighborhoods.  A resident of the neighborhood got tired of the drug dealing going on back in the 90's so he started tiling everything.  Some pretty famous people have sent him tiles.  I think that he has passed away now but it is still a very famous spot.
2.   Our group
3.  This says "House of the stairs"
4.  The aqueduct.  It was built in the late 1500's and was used to bring water down to the village.
5.  The pyramid church.  It's huge!
6.  The ceiling of the church

1.  The restaurant where the song, "The Girl from Ipanema" was written.  We had lunch there.
2.  A house in Petropolis that had it's own stage!
3.  How would you like to use a toilet like this one?  :)
4.  A common site in Brazil.  Do you think it would pass inspection in the US?  ha ha
5.  Another view
6.  Cuties!

1.  The summer palace of the last Emperor of Brazil, Don Pedro II.  This is in Petropolis.
2.  Dad helped this man in our tour group.  
3.  The man and his wife with Dad.  They were really nice.  They wouldn't let us buy any chocolates.  They bought us a whole bunch.  Dad gave them a Book of Mormon at the end of our tour.  They have already sent us a couple of pictures.
4.  Having lunch at the Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema).

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