Friday, April 14, 2017


Hi all,

Today we were able to participate in a devotional with Elder and Sister Christopherson, Elder and Sister Robbins (Presidency of the Seventy), and the Area Presidency.  It was really good.  Last night there was a fireside for all of the stakes and districts in Brazil.  Sister Christopherson spoke in Portuguese (I'm sure she read it) and Sister Robbins spoke along with their husbands.  We watched it via satellite in one of the apartments as the Andersons are technical specialist missionaries.  The sound worked great but the video wasn't too great.  That's why I 'think' that Sister Christopherson read her talk.  

After the meeting today we were able to shake their hands.  Elder Robbins was the president of the Uruguay Mission from 1994-97.  I told him that our daughter served in the Montevideo West mission.  He got a smile.  I found Sister Christopherson and shook her hand and I said that I thought she had been friends with my sister, Cynthia.  Her face lit up and she said, "Yes!"  She asked about my parents and if they were still alive and I told her that my Mom was 91 and going strong.  She was excited!  She said to tell Cynthia hi from her, so "Hi Cynthia!"  She wondered where you were living.  I told her that you have served a mission.  I came away all excited!

While we've been down here we have had the privilege to see Elder Holland, Elder Renland, Elder Christopherson all of the twelve (and we shook Elders Renland and Christopherson's hands)  and Elders Maynes, Robbins, Sitati, Zwick (in the airport) and Nielson of the Seventy (well add Costa, Adukatis, Mazzagardi, and now Bassett), and Bishop Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric.  It's kind of neat. 

Well hope you have a great day.


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