Friday, April 14, 2017

Devotional from Dad

Boa Tarde Gente,

     We just came out of a wonderful meeting with Elder Christofferson and Elder Robbins.  I thought that I should write what I heard before I forgot it all.  I am a perfect example of why the Church is a Church of constant repetition as I need to be reminded often.  When Elder Christofferson first came in, the angle of where we sat gave us the chance to see him before almost everybody, so we were some of the first to stand.  I had this little wave of emotion like right before you cry come over me.  It was evident that a prophet, seer and revelator was in the chapel.  I never plan that, to feel emotional, and I wasn't even thinking anything, it just happened.  That seems to be the most common way I feel the spirit is a little wave of emotion and sometimes a teary eye.  It isn't like that for all and it isn't the only way to receive the spirit that is for certain.

      Elder Robbins and his wife served as mission presidents in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission from 1994 to 1997.  He got to know all the cities that Shelley served in.  One time he had a zone conference in Rivera in 1994 but stayed on the Brazilian side because the monetary exchange rate was better in Brazil.  That was the day that Brazil won the World Cup and Elder Robbins said that they didn't get much sleep that night because of all the celebrations.  He then talked about the scripture in 3 Nephi Chapter 27:21 which has the verb to do several times.  He said, "If we are not doers, then we are pretenders."  He said this is what the Savior referred to when telling certain religious leaders that they were hypocrites.  Then in verse 27, the verb changes to emphasize "to be".  You have to do and then you have to be, or become, as Elder Bednar counsels.  He talked about how the Savior was not only a leader, but that He served.  He served his entire life.  He said that leading and serving are synonymous.  Think of leaders throughout history of the world and if they were leading and serving the people.  Some were and some weren't.  The Savior was and is serving constantly.

     Elder Christofferson talked about President Monson's condition.  He has suffered from diabetes for many years.  He now uses a wheelchair to get from one place to another and only walks as he goes into a room.  He always attends his First Presidency meetings, the Thursday Council meeting and a few others.  Elder Christofferson said something very significant, he said, "President Monson is giving 100%."  He can no longer because of age and physical strength and energy do all he did 53 years ago as a new apostle.  But, he gave 100% then and he gives 100% now.  As the apostle explained, your 100% is recognized by the Lord no matter what stage of life you are in.  "The Lord takes in to account our works and our desires."  He then talked about what King Benjamin taught to the very poor that all that was important to do was to say, " I give not because I have not, but if I had, I would give."  A very important principle.  If President Monson could give what he gave 53 years ago, he would, but he still gives 100%."  He said that President Monson has a definite force and power come in him when he is functioning as the prophet.  Our family will forever remember President Monson's 100% when he invited us into his office, spent time with us and then pronounced a marvelous blessing upon Lynn.  

      I really believe that you can stay faithful til you dying breath, still serving the Lord to the end.  Less than 24 hours before grandpa Sonderegger died, what did he do the night before?  He bore his testimony of the Savior to us and then he said, "I love you all, I love everybody in the world."  I shall never forget his 100% which he gave up to the end of his life.  That last testimony may have been his most important one he ever gave.  Elder Christofferson went on to say, "In the economy of the Lord, we are all at the same level regardless of our service if we give 100%.  Don't compare your 100% with someone else's !00%, just be diligent."

     President Hinckley when he got older and older used to tell the brethren and this isn't an exact quote, but, "Some days when I wake up in the morning I can hardly put my feet on the floor.  I trudge across the plaza to my office, go in and sit down and say, "Why don't I just die."  But then he explained that he would think upon the great work taking place in the world and the many prayers which he could feel from the membership of the Church, especially those of the children and he would feel energized.  President Hinckley's brand of humor is evident in what he said about dying.

      Elder Christofferson said one last thing and that was that "taking up our cross" is to reject iniquity.  I think that each day we wake up we can say, "Today I will reject all iniquity."  Larry Saunders two days ago said, "Today I am going to try to be like Christ in all I do."  That is a wonderful thing to say to begin your day I think.  Our actions all begin through "our thoughts".  

       Even at times when Elder Christofferson said that if he feels he isn't getting an answer, he just begins praying more diligently for as long as it takes, maybe for weeks, months, etc.  I will let mom tell her experience having a short visit with sister Christofferson.  We see personally more general authorities here than anywhere in the USA.  I did get to see many at Ricks and BYUI and that was a real blessing and privilege of working for the Church.  That is a very positive thing I will always remember about working in the Church Education System.  

Love to all,


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