Friday, April 14, 2017

Pantanal Pictures

#3-giant lily pads-I thought about "See How They Run"  :)
#5-Rodents of unusual size!
#6-Tuiuiu or Jabiru stork compared to ducks

#2-when a truck would pass we wore masks because of the dust.  The last day we didn't need them because it was all mud!
#5-termite mound.  Elder Anderson is about 6'2" and that mound is as tall as he is!
#6-This is the first time I've been on a horse since I was 17 when I rode a horse at Bonnie's when they lived near the Fairgrounds.

#3-the center spot of South America-at the Chapadas near Cuiaba
#4-the "other" center location of South America-in Cuiaba
#5-a waterfall at the Chapadas

Brazil is BEAUTIFUL!!

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