Friday, April 14, 2017

More Pantanal photos

The water we went through just kept getting deeper.  Sister Burke is in front of me and there were times when the water covered part of her boots!​

Our guide threw out a piece of piranha and this hawk came and snatched it up.  It was fun to watch. 

#1.  The entrance to the pousada where we stayed.
#2.  The pousada (inn or country hotel) where we stayed.
#3.  One of the waterfalls at the Chapadas.  Kids were jumping off and having a blast!  The water was really muddy and swift because of the rain.
#4.  Another waterfall at the Chapadas.
#5.  The overlook at the restaurant at the Chapadas.  The view was gorgeous!
#6.  A storm was coming.

The bugs down here don't like Dad.  There is a hole in the center of this bite!  The little dark spots around the big new bite are what's left from our Manaus/Amazon trip clear back in Sept.!  I got bitten a little but mine are almost all gone and they didn't itch at all.  Dad's bite has just about driven him crazy with the itching!  The bites from Sept. were all infected by the time we got home and he had to go to the Dr. and take an antibiotic!  Luckily, this one has started to fade a tiny bit around the edges.

Here are a few more pictures of the Pantanal.  The couples shared pictures and some of the others were better than mine.
1.  A family of Capyvaras were swimming along and all of a sudden they stopped and it was like, whoops, we made a mistake!
2.  Our group on the horse ride.
3.  The Macaws
4.  In flight
5.  Toucan
6.  There were lots of herons and other interesting birds there.

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